Second Marriage Problems

Many couples face second marriage problems. As you will discover from reading this article, these relationships contain their own set of difficult issues. Remember as you read through the pages of these various useful articles that you are not alone. Many people, fortunately or unfortunately, have paved the road ahead of you. Many people have gone through one (or more) divorce.

If we examine the issue, it might be true (for a percentage of the population anyway) that on too many occasions one or both members of a couple have rushed headlong into the relationship as a way to ease the pain, confusion, isolation, and loneliness of divorce. It is of courseĀ  worth bearing in mind that many previously divorced individuals enter into their next relationship or ‘life-long” connection within three years of ending their first union.

For others, the challenges of a blended family result in overwhelm, anger, or hopelessness. This is no surprise when you consider that more than 70% of next relationships include step-children. Working out discipline rules, visitation, and holidays between two households can lead to one or more parents feeling out of control.

Having been divorced once, sometimes the barrier to ending a relationship doesn’t seem so daunting. It’s almost as if, in the next union, one or both members of the couple might secretly be thinking “well, I survived divorce once. I guess I could survive it again.” Not something many first time newlyweds think or feel.

If you find that you need to re-align your focus and find your balance in a blended family, or that you are struggling with typical second marriage problems, contact me, Christel Maritz, and together we can find ways for you to feeling more in control.

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