BWRT – Rehearsal, Repetition and Practice

The old adage of “practice makes perfect” has a connection to a new therapy which is called Brain Working Recursive Therapy®.

When we try to learn something new we practice it over and over again until it becomes second-nature to us. An example of this can be learning to drive a car. When we first attempt to use the gas pedal, brake, clutch to change gear, steering wheel, indicators and mirrors it can all seem too much.

However through gradual rehearsal and repetition of what we need to master (eg. clutch control for a hill start) and many more lessons of practice, we get more competent at driving. Our body responds more appropriately to events (stimuli) around us as we drive the car. Our confidence grows and our successes inspire us. The end result is a new network of neural pathways that enable us to be competent drivers.

BWRT® uses the same idea of learning a new way of reacting and behaving via repetition, rehearsal and reflection on successes. In doing so the brain provides a new neural pathway network. The only difference is that rather than acquiring a new behaviour such as driving, it is about changing an undesired behaviour in favour of a better behaviour.




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